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We provide tools and procucts to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Our products are created by Dr. Witherly. Ph.D in Human Nutrition and the go to expert in the industry. The products taste great, and can save you money while giving you the nutrition you need to live your best life. No artificial colours, no fillers – just good nutrition. Made in Canada under strict regulations. No one else has the quality standards of Jump Natural™.
Backed by a team that is passionate about helping people. A compensation pan that pays well at ALL levels. You can earn income to fuel Real Life.
Our Real Bonus grows with you. No big fake checks, no car bonus that turns into a bill. Real Cash for Real Life.
Earn Free product, get real cash, real results, real fun with Jump Natural™.



Audrey brings her passion for helping people, innovation, and for healthy products and lifestyles to Jump Natural. As a Co-Founder, her goal is to help create that family and community of people that want to make a difference in the world, and help each other succeed in living our best life, how we imagined it to be.
She grew up in a small town in Minnesota, and worked her way through College, and then Graduate School in Illinois. She began her career marketing and developing products for brands like Oil of Olay, Mylanta, Johnsons Baby, Neutrogena, and other notable products and companies. She fell in love with Direct Sales at Herbalife where she worked on global product management in over 60 countries, developing and marketing products in nutrition, weight management, sports nutrition, and skin and hair care.
She then joined a start up at the time in ViSalus, helping drive growth with new products, new platforms, new tools and trainings, and more. She and her team have come together to create Jump Natural, where we have the freedom to do ‘what’s right’ and keep formulas the best they can be, so we can live our best life.



Josh is a successful entrepreneur who knows what it is like to face fear in the face and create a company anyway. He started his first company at age 18, and has gone on to successfully create a number of companies in the technology and entertainment space.
Invest Ottawa named Josh one of the TOP 100 Rising Stars, for his endeavors in his digital entertainment agency. The key criteria’s for this decision includes creativity, growth of the operation, and overall impact in the community. With his technical background, he understands Social media and digital marketing to effectively maximize results.
Josh in passionate about health and fitness, and lived a healthy lifestyle before co-founding Jump Natural. His goal has always been to help others live healthier lives, and also create an opportunity from them to help their families build a legacy for their children. With two small children of his own, Josh wants to create that family culture that focuses on improving the world, one person at a time.



Dr. Whitherly brings his passion for nutrition, and for helping others lead healthier lives to Jump Natural. A recognized expert in his field, Dr. Witherly has been on “National Geographic – The Story of Food”. He was part of a team of experts including celebrities, chefs, scientists and reporters including Nigela Lawson, Rachel Ray, Padma Lakshmi, Michael Pollack, Allen Salkin, Michael Moss, and other notables.
He is the autor of “Why Humans Like Junk Food”, articles of the New York Times Magazine, and was featured in the New York Times best-selling book “Salt, Sugar,Fat” by Michael Moss. Dr Witherly has He in an esteemed member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Los Angeles Chapter, Institute of Food Technologists-Sensory Divison; the Sigma Xi Research Society; the Gerontological Society; the New York Academy of Sciences; the American Institute of Wine and Food; and the American Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition. Dr.Witherly’s extensive career includes high-level product development positions at many of the world’s most recognized food and health companies, where he created a variety of top national and international brands. Dr.Witherly holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from Michigan State University, and both his M.S in Food Science and a B.S in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of California.



As President, Randy Mitchell focuses on business and strategy development for Jump Natural. He is one of the primary compasses for Jump Natural mission and vision.
Randy Mitchell is a highly recognized business consultant, coach, and mentor with nearly two decades of executive and industry experience in direct sales both in the field as well as having served as a President and CEO / Founder for two different companies. As an author of several bodies of work including “Take The Blinders Off”, “InnerFit – Define Your Life From The Inside Out”, “The A-V-A-R Process” and “The 12 Essential Principles of Being InnerFit”, Randy is an inspirational speaker and presenter to various interest groups across the country.
Utilizing the innovative and life-changing educational materal he has created and developed. Randy inspires and motivates people in living their life passionately and with purpose. His philosophy and highly respected programs provide the road map Jump Natural Executives will use to gain the success they desire. He is honest, has experienced management, with outstanding leadership, and knows how to provide the strategy anddirection to best serve buyers, sellers and consultants.


Jump Natural™ is built on transparency, honesty, and integrity


How we want ourselves
and others to live their lives


Encourage and support
others to be their best


To have purpose and to make a positive difference in the worlds


Build a strong team
with family spirit


We use good nutrition
to support healthy living


We are appreciative
of each other and the
community we create


We believe in each other and know that together, we can achieve more


We celebrate what makes us unique and what brings us together


Build open and honest
relationships with your


Be genuine and
lead with integrity


It’s what makes us
better leaders. We learn
from each other and
inspire one another